Warranty & Claims

We want your online purchases to be safe, that's why we only provide certified electronic payment, accurate packaging and a warranty on the products.

All the items presented in our e-shop are covered by a 24 months warranty against defects of compliance. RETURN FOR DEFECTS OR NON-COMPLIANCE Should the purchased Product be damaged because of the transportation or because of factory defects, Parigiani will replace the Product under warranty, with no additional charge.

To avail oneself of this right, it is necessary to: send a written communication within 5 (five) days from delivery of the Product to ParigianiS.r.l. (ax +39 0733 556872 or e-mail galerie@parigiani.com) stating the order reference, the detailed description of the damage or defect of the Product. Our customer service will contact you to arrange a replacement.


The Product to be replaced must be in its original packaging, accurately wrapped. Parigiani will arrange for a replacement, which will be sent to the address stated on the invoice, in the shortest time possible.