Tradition & Design for over 50 years

Design is a long involving trip through the history of Parigiani Rattan and through its three family generations it evolves in different concepts and interpretations; three different ways to design and shape the material, transforming space and time.


Le Marche, land of genuine and handicraft soul. In the very heart of Le Marche, Mogliano, small village set within the hills of Macerata area. This history begins here, forty years ago, and Giuseppe Parigiani writes its first important chapter. A history which tells about family and rooted ties, about a craft made of effort and need, then evolved into a refined art masterly melting function and beauty. Domenico follows in his father Giuseppe's footsteps along a path aiming at superior quality, through study and research: materials, design, innovation, solutions. A three generation tale that Domenico and Matteo, his son, keep on writing among rattan weaving and wood greins, furnishing today's history and spaces with contemporary gestures and taste, jelously holding that same old ideal of Tradition.

CORFÙ - 1969


MADERA - 1982

design by

Giuseppe Parigiani

design by

Domenico Parigiani


RETRÒ - 1999

CÒCO - 2019

PLAN - 2010

LAMPU - 2016

MOD - 2019

design by

Matteo Parigiani

The art of weaving

A real philosophy of work, one of those rare arts, an asset to be preserved and passed on, in these times so overwhelmed by technology, machines and automatization. An art among the most ancient ones, which is able to weave past and present, telling little stories of human beings. Made of technique and skill, intuition, study and knowledge of materials and their potentialities, made of imagination turning into an object, concrete and solid. All the power of hands and experience they hold emanates in the skilful and aware creation, through its right time.

Natural Rattan

It comes from far off times and lands, reaching us through the Silk Road, rattan is the natural material par excellence: strongly light, highly expressive and naturally keen on being worked, shaped and woven, according to the precious old tradition of craftsmenship. Everything starts from a slight climbing plant, the "calamus rotang" (or "kalimantan rotang") rising in the Far East tropical forests. Once cut, stretched and deprived of cortex, you obtain the "rush", to which the upper part is removed to unfold its core, the rattan, with its long and strong threads.


“Outdoor”, synonym of open, free, natural, as a deep breath full of oxygen. Every space has its own balance and dynamics, just like nature and its elements... solid earth, light air, warm sun and vital water. At Parigiani Rattan we listen and follow these precious natural laws to conceive furniture dedicated to outdoor space, under the sign of Quality, under every aspect: materials, design, manufacturing, comfort, versatility. Strong, durable and reliable as for time and functionality, all Parigiani Outdoor solutions create a new concept of open space, refurnished and revisited. Warm and captivating, classic in its flawless sobriety, modern in its creative intuitions. And the open space turns into a room under the sky, all to be lived, through every season, every shape and essence. Tiny oasis of peace, pleasure and relax.

Quality & Production capacity

All our creations undergo scrupulous control over the whole production process; towards a result able to meet our usual high quality standards and, of course, our customers requirements. Thanks to our dynamic and efficient production structure, we are able to meet the demands of customized creations, or large quantity supplies, always ensuring our top quality standards.


Not only a simple how room, but a "gallery" in which you cannot avoid being struck by the magic of those little worlds it holds, made to travel and dream. Exotic, classic or contemporary, extravagant or rigorous, all choices of style and taste can be found in this space conceived with sensitive refinment, in order to make your dreams come true. A unique space to admire furniture, accessories, intuitions and solutions.. just picturing them in your place.